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Processed Hair VS Un-processed Hair

Advantages of Natural Hair Extensions!

By Pranavi Kasarla

“Will my hair look good with this color?” or “Will this hairstyle suit me?” are questions we ask ourselves before every hair appointment. We can all totally avoid that hesitation if  we start using natural hair extensions. They give us the opportunity to style and color our hair however we want, give us unmatched levels of volume and length and provide the most natural look compared to other types of extensions.    

Now what makes these natural hair extensions different from others? Natural hair extensions are often differentiated by the cuticle. The hair cuticle is the part that retains the moisture and elasticity of a hair strand. In addition to this, it acts as a natural barrier and protection against dust and sunlight. Natural hair extensions allow for your hair to blend beautifully as well as shine and reflect light the same way your own hair would.



On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are made of a variety of artificial materials such as polyester and nylon. These hair strands come very close to looking like natural hair, however, they have an unnatural shine and stiff structure that is noticeable to the human eye.

Although the cost of natural hair extensions are higher than that of synthetic hair extensions, the durability and quality allow for longer use of natural hair extensions. While synthetic hair extensions last between one to three months, natural hair extensions are viable for years if taken care properly. From a hygienic standpoint, synthetic hair extensions are unable to be washed compared to human hair extensions.


Within the broad category of human hair extensions, it's important to make the right decision between processed and unprocessed natural hair extensions. Unprocessed hair (AKA PURE/RAW hair) extensions arrive with the cuticle intact and have not been chemically processed. Processed hair (AKA Non-Remy) differs since it is treated with acid and other chemicals that strips the cuticle from the hair strand and then it is coated with silicone to give smooth finish and artificial shine. After some wear, processed hair starts to lose its silky and shiny touch and returns to its knotty and tangly nature. Unprocessed natural hair extensions allow for a better color match and provide that all natural look we all strive for.

Processed human hair is often confused for real PURE natural hair extensions. It comes under the category of human hair, however, due to the chemical treatment that the hair undergoes, it is stripped of almost all of its natural characteristics. Unprocessed REMY PURE hair is undoubtedly more difficult to come by in the hair market and is a greater investment to make. The quality and durability of this hair makes it more appealing for those who use extensions and wigs on a more regular basis.


It's a simple human tendency to try new things when it comes to styling and dying hair. Human hair extensions allow you to be able to style the extensions in any way you would like. Since natural hair extensions are virtually human hair, it is totally acceptable to apply heat to the human hair extensions. However, if someone applies heat to synthetic hair extensions, they will melt and get damaged to the point that they are not usable anymore. In addition to this, natural extensions are basically human hair meaning, it's okay to dye or bleach it different colors as well!


Natural hair extensions allow you to experience life with voluminous and beautiful hair that can be catered to fit your every need! Before you consider purchasing hair extensions, make sure you understand the level of elegance that human hair extensions provide over the others. 

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