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Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre bonded / Fusion / Keratin Tips Hair Extensions

Finally, hair strands that are optimum in weight, cuticle correct, 100% Remy human hair, in a variety of colors and lengths and suitable for all hair types. SalonLabs Virgin Hair Extensions provides the most desirable high quality Bonded Hair Extensions in the market with bonds that last and stay secure.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions  I, U, V & Flat TIPS are small sections of hair with keratin glue hardened onto their ends.

With this technique, I, U, V & Flat TIPS are bonded to individual strands of your natural hair to achieve a truly authentic look. Pre Bonded Hair Extensions can be washed and styled (using products like gels and mousse) just like natural hair but care should be taken or bonds may loosen up and extensions may fall off. I, U, V & Flat TIPS are applied using a heating appliance to literally “melt” the glue of the extension TIPS and fixing it to individual strand ends of the client’s natural hair.

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