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Full Lace Wigs

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Full Lace Wigs

Full Lace Wigs: This is a CAP wig which is 100% Hand Ventilated/Knotted with adjustable strap and/or clips. Full lace wigs are the only type which is 100% hand made. These are little expensive units because the hand ventilation/knotting process is labor intensive.

Full Lace Wigs from SalonLabs Virgin Hair Extensions

Our lace front wigs help you create distinct style every day or for a special occasion. 100% hand-knotted, they will keep looking exquisitely natural right all the way through your hairline. The base is made using a sheer lace material for maximum comfort. Made from pure virgin Indian hair, and available in 3 natural textures wavy, curly and straight or in any other processed textures and colors.

Wig making falls in to TWO categories: CAP wigs and CAPLESS wigs.

Note: CAP type/construction is the most important feature to be considered when purchasing the wig.

Lace Front Wigs: This is a cap wig too but partially hand ventilated/knotted with adjustable strap and/or clips. Generally the front/top area (ear to ear) of the unit is ventilated and rest of the wig is sewn-in with track hair hence this type of wig is also called as semi-hand tied wigs. These types of wigs provide natural looking hair line like full lace wigs.

U-Part: This is a wig with an opening where you can pull your natural hair through to give the look of a blend. This type of wig works best only if your natural hair texture matches with the hair used to make the wig.

Basic Cap Wigs: This is the type of wig where the track hair is simply sewn in to the cap. This is the most affordable type of wig available in the market. Standard/Average sized basic cap wigs normally fits to all customers. Some basic cap wigs types can be designed with adjustable straps.

There are many advantages Advantages of using SalonLabs Wigs, 

  • We use 100% RAW un-processed Remy Pure hair.
  • Choose your construction type suitable for you.

We offer complete customization.

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