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Difference between Virgin Hair & Remy Pure Hair

Virgin Hair refers to the hair which is 100% RAW Natural or UNPROCESSED human hair coming from real donors. In other terms, the virgin hair is the hair which is never been chemically treated, permed, colored, dyed, bleached, processed or styled.

NOTE: If you are purchasing hair with defined, identical curls or wave patterns then you should know that it is permed and not virgin hair.

Remy Pure Waw Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

Remy Pure Hair:
To put it in a simple way, virgin hair can be called as Remy Pure hair IF it is in natural unprocessed state with cuticles intact. When the virgin hair is processed to get the desired color or texture or both then we call it as Remy Pure hair.

NOTE: Natural Raw Hair must be Virgin and Remy as the cuticles are maintained to point the same direction.

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